AIDs Awareness with the iPhone (RED)

red iphone 7

The special edition red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s was launched a few hours ago. This is the first time that Apple have released a red handset since they started producing iPhones back in 2007. This limited edition release marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership between the iPhone giant Apple, and the AIDs charity (RED). The iPhone (RED) is part of Apple’s ongoing (PRODUCT)RED™ campaign.

Although there have been rumours over the past weeks regarding the release of a red coloured iPhone, the actual launch however, took everyone by surprise. Apple have a tendency to announce their launches in advanced, building up anticipation – not this time, the iPhone (RED) release came with no announcement at all. This change in technique has caused Twitter, and in fact the entire internet to explode with opinions and information about the iPhone (RED) release.

The surprise launch has been a serious boost for (RED) – increasing the awareness of the charity around the world. The benefits will be seen over the long term too, as anyone who owns and uses an iPhone (RED) will be automatically raising awareness for the charity every time they use the phone in a public place. A smart collaboration between (RED) and Apple that is sure to bring money into the charity; this phone will positively impact millions of lives.

The Apple product page dedicated to the special edition launch is powerful in itself. “Buy (RED), Give Life” is the slogan they are using to market this release. These powerful words from the iPhone giant enable us to see that they are serious about raising money for (RED). The iPhone (RED) is not the first product Apple have sold aimed to raise money and awareness for the AIDs charity. In 2016 Apple released a red sports strap for the Apple watch under (PRODUCT)RED. Apple have also been releasing (PRODUCT)RED special editions of the iPod NANO over the last ten years.

Who are (RED)?

(RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver. The charity has raised over 450 million dollars ($130 million donated contributed by Apple) and expects that this money has so far had a positive influence on over 90 million lives. With money going into medical research, awareness and education – (RED) is one of the biggest contributors to AIDs research and fundraising in the world.