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The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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Of what does the “undermining” of US democracy by alleged Russian hacking consist? No vote totals were altered. No ballots were discarded, as in Florida in 2000 when the antidemocratic campaign was spearheaded by the US Supreme Court. Instead, truthful information was supplied anonymously to WikiLeaks, which published the material, showing that the Democratic National Committee had worked to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders, and that Hillary Clinton had cozied up to Wall Street audiences and reassured them that a new Clinton administration would be in the pocket of the big financial interests.

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President Trump’s victory as ‘Wiretapper’ revealed

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While President Trump’s claim that his Tower was wiretapped into by Former US President Obama is revealed to be true, all ears are now waiting to hear the specific details about how it all ensued. And the details are slowly being revealed. Two days ago, Journalist and author Mike CernovichRead More…

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President Trump hits the Jackpot of Truth

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President Trump’s tweets have undeniably been on everyone’s agenda even before he won the election in November last year. He has since shown pride in them, reflecting his strong beliefs on every field that comes to one’s mind, from politics to SNL. And although his readers’ have majorly viewed hisRead More…

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‘LifeBoat’ states they are ready to work with ‘fisherman’ to continue humanitarian deeds at Mediterranean Sea

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Over the last few years rubber boats of refugees have been a prominent sight in the Mediterranean Sea. Families and individuals who are trying to escape a dark fate in the countries they were born and bred in are turning to human traffickers or smugglers to enter countries of theRead More…