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“Climate Change” Crusaders Seem To Conveniently Omit Addressing The Emissions Of Private And First-Class Flight


Allow that to sink in for a minute – aviation accounts for 2.5% of the world’s global emissions. If the “climate change” crowd was serious, they would look into aviation far more closely, as it is the single biggest per-capita elective activity when it comes to carbon emissions.

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U.S. Senate to Visit White House for Important briefing on North Korea


Top officials in President Trump’s administration are scheduled to meet on Wednesday at the White House with the entire U.S. Senate to discuss the problematic situation with North Korea, senior Senate aides said on Sunday. The 100 senators from across the country will be asked to visit the White HouseRead More…

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Top U.S. General in Afghanistan Reviews Reports of Russia sending Weapons to Taliban


General John Nicholson, head of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, stated that he was “not refuting” reports that Russia was providing the Taliban with clear support as well as various weapons,  reports Reuters. Nicholson spoke with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in Kabul recently. Complaints of what is calledRead More…

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Watch live! “2017 French Presidential Election”


Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen win first round of French elections – projections. Independent centrist Macron estimated to have taken around 23% of vote with Front National leader Le Pen on roughly 22%; official results to follow. Watch live! "2017 French Presidential Election" #FrenchElection https://t.co/hR7nW8lLpO — David (@davidkw811) AprilRead More…