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The Push for Trump’s Impeachment

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Considering the seriousness of such a move in a constitutional republic that prides itself as the gold standard of democracy, it might have been expected that that the law-enforcement and intelligence agencies would go the extra mile in sharing their evidence with the American people whose electoral judgment would, in effect, be made meaningless: both by Comey’s late intervention against Clinton and now the pressure to impeach Trump.

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Senate Hearing Offers All new Information About Russia and Comey

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Taking things a bit further, McCabe crushed the New York Times’ narrative that came about yesterday, implying that Comey was fired because of his request for a “significant increase” in funding for this probe into the connection between Russia and the Trump team. This hearing came as a shock to many who firmly believed that President Trump fired Comey because of the former FBI Director’s probe into the Russia-Trump team connection.

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The Mainstream Media has Already Impeached Trump

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There are many mainstream media news outlets that have already made up their mind about President Trump. While the media has been critical of the president for a while now, it got much worse when he fired James Comey, director of the FBI. Many in the media immediately speculated that Trump did this to quash that investigation into the link between Russia and his team.

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Watergate Redux or ‘Deep State’ Coup?

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To make matters worse, Comey closed the investigation again just two days before the election, once more putting the Clinton email controversy in front of voters. That also reaffirmed the idea that Clinton got special treatment because of her political clout, arguably the most damaging image possible in an election year dominated by voter anger at “elites.”