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CNN Anonymous Source may have gotten it Wrong over Trump-Comey Debacle

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It seems very clear from the testimony that Comey gave recently that CNN’s anonymous sources did in fact get it wrong this time. CNN is known for having some very reliable sources, even when they are kept anonymous for whatever reason. This new information comes as a surprise to many, including a number of other news networks that had established a very different Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

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Did James Comey’s Document Leaks Violate The FBI Employment Agreement?

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So if Comey followed protocol and surrendered all government property, including the memos he produced in his capacity as an FBI employee, it would have been impossible for him to provide the memos to his friend. The fact that he was able to provide hard copies of the memos to both his friend and special counsel Robert Mueller suggests that Comey did not surrender them to authorities as required by the FBI employment agreement.

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Hillary Clinton’s Deceptive Blame-Shifting

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Hillary Clinton has grown even more insistent that she was not at fault for her stunning election defeat last November, claiming that 1,000 Russian “agents” and their American collaborators were a decisive factor, a bizarre twist that further locks the Democrats into their evidence-light “Russia-gate” obsession.

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The Qatar Conundrum

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Qatar is the most politically liberal of the Gulf states (admittedly a low bar). It hosts Al Jazeera TV and the Doha Debates. You can drink in its hotels and women can walk around uncovered, drive cars, and associate comparatively freely. Its universities are western in feel and appearance. There are of course many things to criticise, above all the treatment, conditions and lack of rights of migrant workers, lack of women’s and LGBT rights and freedom of speech, and the absence of meaningful democracy. But Saudi Arabia it isn’t.