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Senate Committee Launched First Clinton Corruption Investigation

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Senate Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has launched a new investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s effort to thwart a Bangladesh government corruption probe of Muhammad Yunus, a Clinton Foundation donor and close friend of the Clintons.

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President Trump’s First Foreign Trip: No Matter The Fake News Spin – Still A Huge Success

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President Trump – after a successful and historic first foreign trip – has returned to the political swamp of Washington, D.C. With talks of a major shake-up of top level advisers and attempts to tamp the leaks and furor coming from the White House to finally stabilize his administration, President Trump hit a home run concerning the first foreign trip of his Presidency still in its infancy.

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The Gaping Holes of Russia-gate

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In other words, it is altogether possible that the hacking attributed to Russia was actually one of several “active measures” undertaken by a cabal consisting of the CIA, FBI, NSA and Clapper — the same agencies responsible for the lame, evidence-free report of Jan. 6.

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Seth Rich Murder Case Stirs Russia Doubts

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A private investigator looking into last year’s murder of Seth Rich, an employee of the Democratic National Committee, has said that the victim’s computer shows he was in contact with WikiLeaks and may have leaked Democratic Party emails being blamed instead on Russia.