CNN Anonymous Source may have gotten it Wrong over Trump-Comey Debacle

It was originally reported that a source claimed that Comey is expected to explain to senators that there were many nuanced conversations from which Trump concluded he was not being investigated in any way. There was another source that hinted that the President may not have properly understood the exact meaning of the words former FBI director Comey used when speaking to him.

It looks as if CNN’s anonymous sources got it wrong though. There usually isn’t much scrutiny over CNN’s anonymous sources, but the testimony that Comey gave recently appears to confirm everything Trump said in his original letter from May 9th, which is the exact opposite of everything CNN reported.

From Comey’s recent testimony:

“In that context, prior to the January 6 meeting, I discussed with the FBI’s leadership team whether I should be prepared to assure President-Elect Trump that we were not investigating him personally. During our one-on-one meeting at Trump Tower, based on President Elect Trump’s reaction to the briefing and without him directly asking the question, I offered that assurance.”

It is still believed that everything else CNN has learned with regards to Trump and his Russian collusion is accurate. As of right now there is no reason to believe that the other things CNN has reported in this whole debacle are not completely accurate.

Another quote from Comey himself from his recent testimony about his March 30th phone call with President Trump:

“I explained that we had briefed the leadership of Congress on exactly which individuals we were investigating and we had told those Congressional leaders that were not personally investigating President Trump. I reminded him I had previous told him that.”

It seems very clear from the testimony that Comey gave recently that CNN’s anonymous sources did in fact get it wrong this time. CNN is known for having some very reliable sources, even when they are kept anonymous for whatever reason. This new information comes as a surprise to many, including a number of other news networks that had established a very different Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

It was originally reported by CNN that Trump may not have been exactly clear about whether or not he was under investigation by the FBI at the time, but it seems that has become debunked with Comey’s recent testimony. This testimony puts to bed any speculation that  Trump wasn’t clear about his status in the investigation at the time.