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The Ultimate Guide to Travelling to Paris when You Have Little Money

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Paris is a city known for its glamour, glitz and fashion, which leads most people to assume that it is an expensive destination. But, is it really? Of course, you can spend millions even in the cheapest destination on earth if you are up to it. However, there is aRead More…

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The Fallacies of the ‘Russia-Truthers’

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There seems to be nothing that Trump opponents will not say and no charge, however low, they will not stoop to making as long as it furthers the goal of removing Trump from office. But, alas, the liberal case against Trump rests upon little more than widely shared fictions and unsubstantiated claims about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

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Trump Tells Press They Will Be Disappointed Over Comey Tapes

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When a reporter told the president directly that Comey “Said under oath that you told him to let the Flynn investigation go,” the president responded by saying “I never said that. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with it even if I said it, according to everyone else, but no I didn’t say that.” The president spent a significant portion of the outdoor press conference denying that he ever told Comey to shut down the Flynn investigation at any point.

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CNN Anonymous Source may have gotten it Wrong over Trump-Comey Debacle

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It seems very clear from the testimony that Comey gave recently that CNN’s anonymous sources did in fact get it wrong this time. CNN is known for having some very reliable sources, even when they are kept anonymous for whatever reason. This new information comes as a surprise to many, including a number of other news networks that had established a very different Trump-Russian collusion narrative.

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