David Aragon

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“FBI’s Comey, not Russia, Tilted the Election Toward Trump:”  Interview with Dennis Kucinich

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“RussiaGate” is not helping Trump, nor is it hurting him. It is hurting the Democratic party as its minions in Congress perform weak imitations of Senator Joe McCarthy. McCarthyism does not sound better spoken out of the left side of the system’s mouth than it did out of the right side. The Democrats are losing valuable time trying to blame the 2016 election results on Moscow. 2020 will be not decided in Moscow

Alisha Harris

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‘LifeBoat’ states they are ready to work with ‘fisherman’ to continue humanitarian deeds at Mediterranean Sea

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Over the last few years rubber boats of refugees have been a prominent sight in the Mediterranean Sea. Families and individuals who are trying to escape a dark fate in the countries they were born and bred in are turning to human traffickers or smugglers to enter countries of theRead More…

Miljan Zujić

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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For a large number of smartphone fans, the new year didn’t begin until Samsung releases its latest phone of the most popular, S series. This year it is Galaxy S8. To stay at the top of the Android market, like Samsung does year after year, they must give users whatRead More…

Kevin Stone

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Gibraltar: A Tax Haven Not a Nation

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It is no wonder Gibraltar voted 96% pro-EU. Its entire economy rests upon the use of its anomalous status to undercut the tax regimes of genuine EU members. Remarkably for a population the size of Ramsgate, there are 17 registered banks in Gibraltar, including Credit Suisse, the money laundering giant raided by combined European police forces yet again yesterday, and RBS/Natwest’s tax avoidance entity.

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