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Why Does Trump Still Refuse to Expose Obama?

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Trump lied to say that Obama had a fake birth certificate, but Trump never attacked Obama for what were Obama’s real crimes. America’s press let him get away with it (of course, they pointed out Trump’s lie, but they protected Obama, just as Trump did, against exposure on that President’s real crimes); so, here are some of the facts that the U.S. press (and Trump) still hide about Obama (because hiding them is essential to the U.S. aristocracy’s agenda — shared by both its Republicans and its Democrats):

Luca Forte

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President Trump’s First Foreign Trip: No Matter The Fake News Spin – Still A Huge Success

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President Trump – after a successful and historic first foreign trip – has returned to the political swamp of Washington, D.C. With talks of a major shake-up of top level advisers and attempts to tamp the leaks and furor coming from the White House to finally stabilize his administration, President Trump hit a home run concerning the first foreign trip of his Presidency still in its infancy.

David Aragon

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The Kissinger Backchannel to Moscow

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The leak about Kushner came shortly after another sensational story broadcast by CNN on May 17 about U.S. intelligence picking up conversations among Russian officials during the presidential campaign in which they bragged about having cultivated a relationship with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and expressed the belief they could use him to influence Trump.

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